Grab Lunch at these Downey Restaurants

Downey Restaurants

No matter what day of the week it is, it’s always a great day to go out for lunch. Whether it’s enjoying a meal with your coworkers or spending some quality time with friends, it can all be done over lunch. If you are interested in some lunch spots in Downey to visit, here are some choices.

Porto’s Bakery & Cafe

There is no denying that one of the most popular restaurants in all of Downey is Porto’s. People come from all over to get their hands on this delicious Cuban food. Aside from cakes and small treats, they also have sandwiches and salads to choose from. Get there early as it is usually always packed. The address is 8233 Firestone Blvd, Downey, CA 90241.

Fresh Griller

If you’re looking for salads, wraps, and American food, then plan a lunch at Fresh Griller. This is also a great choice if you are looking to eat a little healthier, as there are plenty of fresh options to choose from. This restaurant is open daily starting at 11 am and is located at 8855 Apollo Way, Downey, CA 90242.


Best Bars in Downey to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Bars to celebrate St. Patrick's Day Downey

St. Patrick’s Day is here, and if you are over 21 there is no doubt that you are considering what you are going to do for the night. Especially since this year, the holiday falls on a Friday. If you live in an apartment in Downey here are a couple of nearby choices you can consider to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Kelley’s Tavern

This Irish pub is located right here in Downey, so if you’re looking to stay local this is a great choice. They offer affordable drinks when it comes to both beer and cocktails. On St. Patrick’s Day they will stay open until 2 am. The address of this tavern is 8148 Firestone Blvd, Downey, CA 90241.

Muldoon’s Saloon

If you are looking to step outside of San Pedro and into Long Beach, check out the Muldoon’s Saloon. This place is well-known for it’s superior service and great drinks, so head on over! This saloon is located at 5646 N Paramount Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90805.

Explore the Hellman Park Trails

Hellman Park Trails

There is nothing quite like enjoying some fresh air. There are many different ways to do so. While you can easily take a stroll down the street from your Downey apartment, there is nothing quite like going for a hike. If you live in Downey you can easily take advantage of varying hiking spots all throughout Los Angeles County. One such place that is an amazing place to go hiking is at Hellman Park.

Hellman Park Trails are currently closed, but they will reopen again on March 31. This is not much of a problem as the weather is sure to be nice and warm by then. This trail is considered medium level, so even if you’re not as experienced you can still enjoy this hike. This is a great hike to go on the weekend or on your day off. Gather your friends and plan a day to go hiking!

Hellman Park is located at 5700 Greenleaf Ave, Whittier, CA 90601.

Learn About Space at the Columbia Memorial Space Center

Columbia Memorial Space Center Downey

Every time you look up at the night sky, you are experiencing a bit of space. It’s interesting to know that here on Earth, we are just a small part of the universe as a whole. If space is an interesting subject to you and you live in an apartment in Downey, then you should definitely make some time to visit the Columbia Memorial Space Center.

What’s great about this museum is the fact that there are exhibits that can be enjoyed by those young and old alike. Some exhibits include Rockwell Signature Blocks, a real astronaut suit, gravity well, magic planet, robotic arms, robotics lab, solar system designer, shuttle simulator, and so much more! Be sure to plan a day to visit this museum.

The Columbia Memorial Space Center is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. The museum is located at 12400 Columbia Way, Downey, California 90242. Admission to the museum is free for Downey students.

Best Breakfast Spots in Downey

Best Breakfast Restaurants in Downey

Downey is a versatile city that offers tons of great restaurants to enjoy. If you are looking for an early day meal, then a breakfast or brunch spot near your Downey apartment would be ideal. With so many choices to choose from, we’ve narrowed the list down a bit. Here are some breakfast restaurants in Downey.

The Marketplace Grill Cafe

This is already a popular spot for locals to visit during lunch and dinner, but they also offer an excellent breakfast menu. Everything here is very fresh, down to to the freshly squeezed orange juice. Just walk up to the counter to order your breakfast, find a seat, and your meal will be brought to your table. The address is 7877 Florence Ave, Downey, CA 90240.

3rd Street Coffee

This establishment is mainly a coffee house, however it is a great spot to pick up breakfast if you are not looking for a crowded restaurant setting. They offer bagels, sandwiches, paninis, and more! This coffee house is located at 8221 3rd St Ste 101, Downey, CA 90241.



Check Out These Hiking Trails Near Downey

Hiking Trails Near Downey

Are you looking to get outdoors more often in 2017? If you live in the city of Downey this is completely possible. Aside from the usual places to go hiking, such as Griffith Park, there are actually a number of trails to take advantage of. Here are three that are located closer to your apartment in Downey.

Hellman Trails

If you want some great views of the city then this is the place to go hiking. There is also a reservoir and places to enjoy a picnic. These trails can be found at 5700 Greenleaf Ave, Whittier, CA 90601.

Turnbull Canyon

If you’re looking to go hiking with friends or a place to go that you can spend hours at, then visit Turnbull Canyon. It is located at Turnbull Canyon Rd, Whittier, CA 90601.

Sycamore Canyon Trail

If you want a trail with a lot of hills to work on endurance, then this is the one for you. You can also find a trail that leads up to a water tower. You can find this trail at 5040 Workman Mill Rd, Whittier, CA 90609.


A Romantic Valentine’s Day in Downey

Valentine's Day in Downey

Do you love Valentine’s Day? It’s always great to enjoy a romantic dinner with the person that you love. If you don’t want to do the cooking yourself, then make sure you secure a reservation at a local restaurant for you and your significant other. If you live in an apartment in Downey, here are some suggestions on where to go for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner.

Gaucho Grill Argentine Steakhouse

When people think of steakhouses, they think of a romantic date night. If this is what you and your date are going for, then get your reservation in at this restaurant. Enjoy a delicious steak cooked Argentinian style. You are sure to go home with a happy date and stomach. The address is 8830 Apollo Way Ste 100, Downey, CA 90242.

Papalucci’s Italian Ristorante

If you’re looking to get outside of Downey for your Valentine’s Day dinner, then give this Italian restaurant a try. You can enjoy a traditional Valentine’s Day dinner with some delicious Italian food. Papalucci’s is located at 4611 E 2nd St, Long Beach, CA 90803.

Where to Catch the Super Bowl in Downey

Catch the Super Bowl Around Downey

If it wasn’t on your mind before, there’s no doubt that it’s on your mind now. The Super Bowl is February 5, and spectators are excited to see if the Patriots or the Falcons will take home the championship. If you want to watch the game, but want to get out of your Downey apartment, here are a couple of places to watch that are nearby.

The 20/20 Draft House

If you want to change things up this Super Bowl Sunday with some great drinks, then this is the place to go. You’ll find a number of different beer concoctions on the menu that are sure to keep you amped during the game. This bar is located at 8228 Firestone Blvd, Downey, CA 90241.

Downey Brewing Company

For a relaxed environment the day of the Super Bowl, head over to Downey Brewing Company. The address is 10924 Paramount Blvd, Downey, CA 90241. This Sunday they will be open from 10 am until 2 am.

Explore the Night Life in Downey

Night life in downey

The city of Downey has been coming up in recent years. This means that there are plenty of places to take advantage of the nightlife happening around the city. If you are interested in a place to head over to this weekend that is also close to your apartment in Downey, here are 2 suggestions.

Mambo Grill

If you like Mexican food, sports bars, and karaoke, then this is the perfect place for you to visit around Downey on a Friday or Saturday night. It is located at 11018 Downey Ave and they are open until 2 am on Friday and 12 am on Saturday. They also offer brunch on Sundays!

Lock and Key Social Drinkery

If you are looking to get your hands on a delicious burger and a beer, then you are definitely going to want to head over to this venue. On Fridays and Saturdays they are open until 2 am, so if you are looking for a place to hang out with friends that is open late, this is a great option. They’re also just off Downey ave!

Visit These Family Friendly Venues in Downey

Family Friendly Activities Downey

Living in an apartment in Downey is convenient, especially when it comes time to find some fun activities with the family on the weekend.

Dennis the Menace Park

Nothing beats a good, old-fashioned day at the park. The kids can run around and enjoy the playground, and the parents can barbecue, pack a picnic, or just relax and read a book all while enjoying some fresh air. The park is located at 9125 Arrington Ave, Downey, CA 90240.

Del Rio Lanes

If you are looking for a fun family activity in Downey that you can participate in day or night, rain or shine, then head over to Del Rio Lanes. This bowling alley is located at 7502 Florence Ave, Downey, CA 90240. They are open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 11 am-1 am, Tuesday from 9 am -1 am, Saturday from 9 am-2 am, and Sunday from 8 am- midnight. In addition to public bowling, there are also special events to participate in.