A Romantic Valentine’s Day in Downey

Valentine's Day in Downey

Do you love Valentine’s Day? It’s always great to enjoy a romantic dinner with the person that you love. If you don’t want to do the cooking yourself, then make sure you secure a reservation at a local restaurant for you and your significant other. If you live in an apartment in Downey, here are some suggestions on where to go for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner.

Gaucho Grill Argentine Steakhouse

When people think of steakhouses, they think of a romantic date night. If this is what you and your date are going for, then get your reservation in at this restaurant. Enjoy a delicious steak cooked Argentinian style. You are sure to go home with a happy date and stomach. The address is 8830 Apollo Way Ste 100, Downey, CA 90242.

Papalucci’s Italian Ristorante

If you’re looking to get outside of Downey for your Valentine’s Day dinner, then give this Italian restaurant a try. You can enjoy a traditional Valentine’s Day dinner with some delicious Italian food. Papalucci’s is located at 4611 E 2nd St, Long Beach, CA 90803.